Possibility to make the scores available for Choirs with training purpose


Shortly I switched from Musescore to Dorico 3.0. Im very impressed about the possibilities. Even for a “non professional” like me. But there is one thing that still makes me thinking going back to musescore or capella again.

My main work was and is to search for old digitalized original compositions from old composers (Schütz, Monteverdi, etc.) and to transfer them into “readable” scores for choirs. Im not composing music I copy old digitalized partitions into digitalized scores.

In Musescore and or Capella it is possible to make these notes available for training purposes as well (Single-Voices, Voices with piano, etc.). Giving the members of a choir the ability to “learn their part” in private and being ready for the dress rehearsals etc.

This is a big thing i would like to have in Dorico as well. Are there any ideas in Steinberg going into this direction as well?

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André M.

You can easily create a Vocal Score with piano reduction, or single voice parts, if you want. You can even create “Minus One” audio tracks.

Can you explain exactly what you want?

The concept to look for in the documentation and tutorial videos is “layouts”. A project can contain any number of layouts with different selections of staves. You create them in Setup Mode.

I understand the request. I think he wants a Dorico score player without any possibles to editing or formating the score. Only for playing and printing. This would be very helpful for self training the choir singers.
For other note setting programs you can get a player or apps for free.

Dorico LE can open any Dorico project (including 300-player projects, if you really want, read-only, for playback and printing purposes). I believe the idea is that LE will be distributed free of charge, though it’s not officially available yet.

Ok, that sounds promising.

Hi Reinhard32

This is exactly what the idea is. But with one add-on, having the possibility to download the score on your mobile and use the app there via you earphones etc. This would be a big advantage.

Hi pianoleo

Good Idea having Dorico LE for free with the ability to use it for your self training as choir singer. From my point of view this could be a big advantage for Steinberg and Dorico to be known by a lot more users than today. But having Dorico LE on your Workstation or Laptop for free is one thing. But the really big step would be having Dorico available as Mobile App with the possibility to use your compositions or others (see Musicalion) for your own training as choir singer.

So you’re looking for a Dorico RM (remix) that lets you change the mixer levels only in order to bring out one single line compared to the others.