Possibility to name instrument when adding track

Using Add Track to create an instrument you are not allowed to choose the name of the track. Instead the track name becomes the Instrument name plus “01”. :confused:

This means that if I for instance create a track with Kontakt - the name becomes “Kontakt 01”. Subsequently I have to rename the instrument every time depending on the intended use.

After a while working on a track I might decide to add another Kontakt - this will also be named “Kontakt 01”. (Unless you kept the name Kontakt 01 which I doubt anyone who works seriously would do, then it’s actually “Kontakt 02”). I might have understood the logic if Cubase at least added the number according to how many instances of Kontakt there was in the project.

With Audio Tracks however you can name them at creation and if you only create a single track a “01” isn’t added.

Please make it possible to name Instrument tracks when you create them with Add Track.
I believe it’s the only audio carrying track type you CAN’T name when you create it.


+1, this seems very reasonable.