Possibility to Restore / Recover Muted Audio


Currently I am using Wavelab Elements 9.0.20. (build 585). I have used mute selection to hide sensitive words spoken in the audio and save it into the same file (wav format). My concern is, will there be any possibility that the muted portions in the audio on the saved wav file can be recovered or restored by any party?

I really don’t see how this would be possible if you’re just sending a standard WAV file. You would either need to make two versions of your project; one with and one without the sensitive words.

Or send somebody the source files and a WaveLab montage file and then they would also have to have WaveLab to open the montage and edit the project.

Unless there is something crazy that I’ve never heard of, I don’t see a solution without doing one of the the above.

If you don’t care about stereo image or are not super critical of the sound quality, you could mute the sensitive words only in the left channel. This would mean the left channel has the muted sections, and the right channel has the full version.

The other use would need some kind of audio software to do anything useful with it though.

Not really a solution but more of a random thought.

Thank you for your reply. My main concern is, I do not want other party to restore or recover the muted portion in the audio saved in wav file. Based on your explanation, I understand it is impossible to recover the muted portion if the other party just has the wav file. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I understand now. I think you can safely assume that if you mute the sensitive words, and render a new WAV file with the words muted, nobody else will be able to recover it.

Basically, I just apply mute selection on the sensitive spoken words, and just press button save to save it in the same wav file. I dont save it to the new file. Is it the right step to avoid the muted audio from being recovered ?

That should also work. You could always double check by playing the WAV in another app such as iTunes or something similar.