Possibility to set amount of bars rest for cue suggestions?

Would it be possible to add the option to search for multi rests bar next to the amount of seconds that an instrument is not playing to get cue suggestions? The publisher I work for, asks for cues when a player has 4 or more bars of rests.

We did consider this when we were first implementing the feature, but it’s not actually a very good measure of whether or not a cue would be useful: at very slow tempos 4 bars might not be long enough, while at very fast tempos it really wouldn’t make sense to give a cue after only 4 bars. So we decided against it, and at present we have no plans for this.

I disagree with that assessment. It’s far more difficult to count 35 bars rest at a fast tempo than to count 8 bars at a slow tempo, even though the elapsed time might be the same. Both real time elapsed and number of bars rest to count are important metrics depending on the situation. It would be very useful to have both options in the cues suggestion dialogue.

Welcome to the forum, David, and thanks for your feedback. We don’t have any current plans to add this, but I have found that it’s wise to never say never.

Thanks for the welcome and the quick reply, Daniel.

Optimal cue creation still requires a large amount of human judgement, and different players/groups within an orchestra expect different length/frequency of cues within the same piece, so for a notation program it absolutely makes sense to offer both time based and measure based options…