Possible? 16 track mixer with 2x Korg NanoKontrol2?

I don’t see the “Bome MIDI Translator 1 Virtual IN / OUT” ports

Ah, sure, first go to the file Menu MIDI→Virtual MIDI Ports and set Number of virtual ports to two.

Then you’ll see them at the bottom window of your screenshot (MIDI Router area).

Okay with these settings?

Assigning the ports in Cubase works now

Made a mistake obviously… Not both Bome ports should be assigned

This should be better (let’s see)

Only one NK2 functioning.

I’ll try both Virtual Bome Ports…

PortAssignment in Cubase seems okay
Still only one unit (the left side) functions…

Can you please go inside Cubase to Studio→MIDI Remote Manager and select the script from the Scripts tab, so that we can see to which ports exactly it is assigned to?

Succes !!! Wow

In Bome I saw an error message about a port being in use, so in Cubase MIDI Port Setup window I disabled both NanoKONTROL MIDI In and OUT, to avoid conflicts.

Now both units function.
Minor detail is that I see a permanent white line under the last Tracks (i created 40 tracks), and Bank shifts go in pairs of 16 tracks.

By the way: These are the connections now

From what I see in the script, you can navigate through bank zones, using the Up/Down arrows of your controllers. The bankZone is set to 16, because I chose those 2 controllers to be assigned to 8 tracks each. After all, wasn’t this what we want?

Yes indeed, this is what I wanted. Great work Minas :smiley:

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Now that it’s properly working, you can go for another nano too. Inside the script I have a variable that we can alter to support even more than 2 of them.

That is soooo sweet. Monday I have an appointment to get a third unit.
Can I get back to you on that script?

I am verrrrry grateful Minas. Thank you so much

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Cool! Please mark this thread as solved, so that if other users in the future, come to the same point, they can know that it’s doable, even if it needs some extra steps with MIDI routing, apart from the altered script.

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Sure, it’s an easy edit when you have the other device.

By the way, note that now that you have double controls, you can always reassign some buttons on the second controller (for example the transport buttons) to perform other actions, so that you take advantage of this setup.

That’s a great idea, but first i’ll enjoy the beauty of a 16 Track (and hopefully 24 Track next week) mixer. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Great! I must confess you’ve got a little lucky here, because I was triggered by your nickname, since I love ItaloDisco :smiley:

Ahhh, nice! Can you feel the drive eh? :wink:

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How can you not. :wink:

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Hey, LOL, Giorgio??? Hahaha!