Possible 8va Lines Bug


Writing a passage with cross staff I noticed that the 8va line I input in the last beat would not appear. I moved the notes down to the original staff and the line appeared. Is this a bug?
8va line shown.png
8va Line Missing.png

The 8va line needs to belong to the upper staff even though it is associated with the notes from the lower staff. I agree this can seem counterintuitive. Think of the 8va lines like a clef and it will make more sense.

Thanks, so what exactly do I chose to do that, if it’s not the notes?

Another question would be, how can I make the rests in the treble clef appear? Can’t make the slur reach the first beat of the 2nd measure unless I have the note be in the bass clef and move it up, making the bass clef have unwanted rests.


There are two ways (at least) to do this. One is easy, the other one, not so much.

The easy way: Apply the 8va before you move the notes cross staff. Then when you do move the notes, make sure the 8va line also selected.

The hard way: Add some notes in another voice on the top staff which covers the duration of the cross staff notes, apply the 8va line to those, then delete that voice.

To make the rests appear, you can enter a rest in the first beat.

Just tried the easy way again and it doesn’t work like I thought. So the hard way seems the only way to do this.

Here’s the simplest way I can find to do this:

Create the notes you want in the upper staff. Add an 8va line to these notes. Cut the notes (command/ctrl-X) and paste them to the lower staff (make sure the 8va line is not selected). Then select just the notes and type the cross staff shortcut key.

You can create a slur between voices if you select just the first and last note of the passage. If you select all notes in between then the slur ends just before the voice changes. Not sure if this is the intention of the program, but that is what happens.