Possible accidental double Steinberg account problem

My memory is failing me badly these days and as a result I have an issue with my product registrations. I am able to use my software which is distributed across 3 dongles and used across even more computers along with VSL ensemble pro and other software products. I was looking to upgrade one of my Steinberg licenses when I discovered the issue. Some of my products were not showing up in my Steinberg account so I tried to re register them from the elicenser software to be told that the products were registered to someone else. Now I have the receipts and activation codes for all the software and am happily using it all with elicensers and dongles but I cannot upgrade some software because it is not showing up in my account. I think I must have somehow ended up with two accounts the second of which I have no way of getting to as I am unable to supply the correct password and possibly even the correct email address. Has anyone had similar issues and got them sorted?

Many thanks for any help.


it indeed sounds like you have some products registered to another account.

The good news is that the registration won’t prevent you from using the licenses dongles as you know and you can update your licenses as long as you know which ones you have exactly, in order to buy the correct ones.
(you don’t need to log in to MySteinberg to purchase updates, in any case it’s a separate account to the Shop account, as it’s two different companies)

But the account/registration problem can only be resolved by Support - if you are in a directly supported country and can call them, I’d recommend to do so.
EU: https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/206530864#pop1
USA: https://www.steinberg.net/en/support/usa.html

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