Possible bug: double-clicking in Engrave Mode

Hi, Doriconians,
I’ve found a few times that when I double-click in the note area in Engrave Mode Dorico flips over to Write Mode and puts a silly note in there. Easily enough fixed with Cmd+Z, but rather negating the beauty of having the Modes separate. I suppose it’s a bug.j

(I also have other things to report and ask, but I’m nowhere near my home computer right now, and won’t be for some hours)

Double-clicking the score in Setup mode or Engrave mode intentionally jumps back to Write mode and shows the caret, as a shortcut means of returning to Write mode in order to start writing more music.

I’ll have to break the habit of double-clicking when I only need to single-click. I’ve also set my mouse to accept only short double-clicks as clicks, which might help too. Thanks.j