Possible Bug (export)

Hi all,

I mailed this to support about a week ago but did not get any response.
In cubase 5 and also in Nuendo 5.5 NEK (I don’t know about cubase 6) there’s an error in export that can be produced like this:

  1. Use external instruments, put some notes in.
  2. now record those notes on an audio track.
  3. disable (turn off) the external instrument. Don’t unload it.

Now you can do off-line export again

  1. Now close the project.
  2. reopen the project.
  3. While the external instruments are all turned off, Nuendo says it can’t do off-line export because of the external instruments. You have to do realtime export.
  4. Now turn the instruments on and off again and it works like it should.

This is pretty annoying when you’re in a hurry and ALSO, it seems as though Nuendo sometimes hangs on export when it gave an error in this situation and you fix it and bounce again. It will stay on 0% forever…

This, together with the bugs where you get CPU overloads on the start of a realtime export while there are no errors when playing normally, makes export a headache sometimes…


Just to give you a use-case of this scenario:

You use some external instruments, but don’t want to do realtime export because it’s slow (or does not start at all half of the time). So you setup a template, with audio tracks that can record all your external instruments with a press of a button. Then you can disable them, leaving all your routings intact. When you then want to change something in 1 of the midi tracks, you just enable it again, change something and record again.

When everything is done, it should just work… You want to keep the instuments loaded (disabled) for last minute changes.