[possible BUG]: Groove Agent One drifts in timing

  1. create new song
  2. insert Groove Agent one into instrument track
  3. load a kit
  4. play a simple kick / hat / snare pattern
  5. duplicate track

Result the two tracks clearly play out of sync in a somewhat random pattern. Proove: polarity reverse one of the tracks. Result: Non silence.

I call serious bug:)

Tried the same with Battery - works fine.


system specs ? perhaps you could put them in your forum profile. You can do that in MySteinberg.



added. Anything else you need to know?


no problem here. I loaded the “Banger” kit, duplicated the drum track, placed on a new track with the same drum kit and pressed the phase button. result = silence

perhaps somebody else ?



well I’ll be damned. Rebooted computer - problem gone. Scary. Wonder what happened.

Edit: BUT THEN - it just returned. I’ll investigate further.

Q for Chris:

Did you in fact duplicate the track by right clicking and then “duplicate track”?

I did it with CTRL+D



Check this:

If you right click the track and choose “duplicate track” the problem shows.

If you in stead add new track, insert the same plug and load the same preset the problem doesn’t show.

Maybe something’s wrong with the duplicate track command?


still no problems here. everythings works fine.

perhaps somebody else ?



I couldnt reproduce as well, i used the right click on track “dublicate track” command. Perhaps you could attache the problematic cpr in which the problem occures to one of your posts.


No problem here.
Duplicated track with right click on track and choose “duplicate track”.
Work fine.

Really??? That’s totally strange. I can reproduce it 100 %. Only happens with Groove Agent One. Tried numerous other plugins.

Happens in Cubase 5 as well. Here at least.

OMG…sometimes it happens…sometimes it doesn’t. Could some of please try and do it a number of times and see if it happens? I’m going nuts.

Sample rate related perhaps?

Nope - in my test it’s the same project. I have the origonal track which I keep duplicating / deleting. It happens randomly. Please try this: duplicate - test - delete second track. duplicate - test - delete second track.

Confirmed. Duplicated 8th hh pattern randomly drifts out of time. Project setup 96kHz 32bit float in C6 x64

AHA!vAnd how much does it drift? Here it’s only a matter of a few samples as far as I can tell. At least @ 44.1

Enough to sound like there are occasional 32nds added to the original straight 8ths. (Honey Bee Kit)

Strange thing is I changed to Banger Kit and couldn’t hear it, changed back to Honey Bee and thought it had gone away, but it came back after about 5 or 6 repeats of the part.

Lasso, what’s your bit rate there? Quantise value may be useful to us and also what sort of beat. Simple 8s on hat and bass / snare 4s etc. Does it affect all the kit beats or more evident on the hats say? Or. Did anything disappear when you did the phase inversion? What I’m trying to get at is is it the whole track or just the parts within. Get the info line up at the top, highlight the two tracks one by one and see where they start. If one starts different than the other then it’s the whole track moved.
Is this evident on other VSTis? (honest it started out as a one-line question?!)

And could it be connected to something like the snap quant value? Though it shouldn’t matter on a straight duplication but you never know sometimes.