Possible bug: only the last custom playback playing technique is stored

I’m finding a weird behaviour. In order to reproduce it I did the following:

  1. Opened a new project and added a player
  2. Went to Engrave > Playing techniques
  3. Click on the edit playback playing techniques button
  4. Create a new custom playback playing technique, and named it cue1
  5. Duplicate this new playback playing technique, and renamed it to cue2
  6. Clicked ok
  7. Then clicked back, and only the last custom PB PT (cue2) is retained
  8. Curiously, if the duplicated PB PT is a predefined one, all of them are retained.

And btw, while doing these edits I’m getting a lot of crashes. I attach the logs, if they are of any help.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (576 KB)

Thanks for reporting this, Lucas. I’ve been able to reproduce and hopefully fix the problem.