Possible BUG: Unable to mouse-drag slash region handle

Hi team!

I find myself unable to do the following operation in Dorico:

  1. Create new project, e.g. leadsheet.
  2. Create 4/4 time sig and add 3 bars for a total of 4 bars.
  3. Add slash region to all 4 bars.
  4. Change final barline to an end repeat barline.

At this point, the slash region right handle becomes unresponsive to mouse-dragging. If I change the region with the keyboard, it reacts of course, and after that, also mouse dragging works again…

This behavior has been bugging me for a while now, maybe there’s a solution out there somewhere… :wink:


I find that I can still click on and drag the handle at the end of the slash region if I am careful to click the part of the handle that extends beyond the height of the barline, i.e. if I click a tiny bit above the staff rather than right on top of the barline. Do you find the same?

Hey Daniel!

Yes, that seems to be the case! And in the instances where it doesn’t work, the barline ends up being selected, and there is also something going on with the thickness of the handle “ring”…
At a regular zoom level though, it would be hard for me to hit the handle just right, I´m afraid… :wink:


Yes, I agree it’s not ideal. Thanks for confirming that you see the same behaviour as I do.

Hey team,

is there some news about this by any chance? I find the behavior unchanged in D4… :wink:

Best, Benji

No, I’m afraid we’ve as yet made no changes in this area.

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All good!!