Possible Bug? - Undo Disabled After Text Input? - Possible Bug?

I’m no longer able to use the undo button after I enter text. After clicking out of entering text, I receive this error message (attached), and then the undo button no longer works for note input. It only undoes previous text input. I have restart Dorico, and then it works again.

This is not project-specific. It’s actually been happening in every version of Dorico I’ve ever had.
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 9.35.43 AM

I’ve not seen this problem myself, Timothy, but I don’t doubt that it’s happening for you. Can you provide a concrete list of steps that would allow me to reproduce the problem? E.g. here’s a set of steps that works for me: perhaps you could write a similar set of steps for the precise problem that you experience?

  1. Select a bar rest.
  2. Type Shift+X to show the text editor popover.
  3. Type “test”.
  4. Click outside of the text editor popover to confirm the text.
  5. Type Command-Z to undo.

EXPECTED: The text created in step 3 is removed.
ACTUAL: As expected.

Hi Daniel,

It seems to happen randomly. It actually just happened twice in the writing session I just finished.
I follow the same steps.

At step 4 (click outside the text editor to confirm text), when I click outside the text editor, occasionally I get the error message I attached. Once I get that message, the text I entered remains selected and then is stuck to my mouse movement.

Once this happens, my undo is no longer functional, and I have to restart Dorico.

I hope this is helpful, and not to convoluted. Again, it doesn’t happen all the time, but certainly has happened on a several occasions recently.

When I say undo, I mean this:

After the error message, I can’t undo any note entry, note modifications, or note deletion that occurred after the above text entry was entered. If I delete a bar of musical notes, for instance, when I hit undo, it only undoes the previous text entry

Thanks for the additional details. Next time it happens, please immediately do Help > Create Diagnostic Report before you quit and restart Dorico, and make a note of the spot in the music where you were editing text, then attach the diagnostics zip file and the project itself here, and I’ll take a look and see if I can figure anything out.