Possible Bug? - Undo Disabled After Text Input? - Possible Bug?

I’m no longer able to use the undo button after I enter text. After clicking out of entering text, I receive this error message (attached), and then the undo button no longer works for note input. It only undoes previous text input. I have restart Dorico, and then it works again.

This is not project-specific. It’s actually been happening in every version of Dorico I’ve ever had.
Screen Shot 2022-02-22 at 9.35.43 AM

I’ve not seen this problem myself, Timothy, but I don’t doubt that it’s happening for you. Can you provide a concrete list of steps that would allow me to reproduce the problem? E.g. here’s a set of steps that works for me: perhaps you could write a similar set of steps for the precise problem that you experience?

  1. Select a bar rest.
  2. Type Shift+X to show the text editor popover.
  3. Type “test”.
  4. Click outside of the text editor popover to confirm the text.
  5. Type Command-Z to undo.

EXPECTED: The text created in step 3 is removed.
ACTUAL: As expected.

Hi Daniel,

It seems to happen randomly. It actually just happened twice in the writing session I just finished.
I follow the same steps.

At step 4 (click outside the text editor to confirm text), when I click outside the text editor, occasionally I get the error message I attached. Once I get that message, the text I entered remains selected and then is stuck to my mouse movement.

Once this happens, my undo is no longer functional, and I have to restart Dorico.

I hope this is helpful, and not to convoluted. Again, it doesn’t happen all the time, but certainly has happened on a several occasions recently.

When I say undo, I mean this:

After the error message, I can’t undo any note entry, note modifications, or note deletion that occurred after the above text entry was entered. If I delete a bar of musical notes, for instance, when I hit undo, it only undoes the previous text entry

Thanks for the additional details. Next time it happens, please immediately do Help > Create Diagnostic Report before you quit and restart Dorico, and make a note of the spot in the music where you were editing text, then attach the diagnostics zip file and the project itself here, and I’ll take a look and see if I can figure anything out.

Hello Daniel, this is still happening for me on some occasions after entering text.

When I enter text, I get that same warning dialog box as above in my initial post, and then undo does not work properly.

Here is a diagnostic report.
Dorico Diagnostics.zip (2.5 MB)

Thank you

It doesn’t look like you created the diagnostics at the moment following the appearance of the error? It looks like you had most recently exported PNGs of one of the layouts, and you hadn’t created any text particularly recently at that point?

oy, sorry Daniel.
I finished this project, but will be sure to send a report if it happens again. Thank you!

Is there any news about this bug?

It seems that the same error occurs for me as well. I also had the error message after entering text a few times. But that was before I read this post.
Now I am getting this error more often which is causing me to not be able to use the undo function. Or rather - the undo function skips some of the last steps and continues before that. It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with text input this time though.
Restarting Dorico fixes the problem.

I used the diagnostics function and created a file.
@Daniel: It wasn’t possible to upload the zip file because it’s 4,8 mb (it exceeds the upload limit of 4 mb) I’ll send the file via mail to you. Would you please take a look at it?

Thanks in advance,