Possible bug when adding text label to guitar bend

Hi - I’m seeing some unexpected (to me) behaviour when adding a text label to the first note of a bend.
First capture shows the before, with the bend showing as expected
Second capture shows the during, where I’ve typed the text of the label and the bend still looks okay
Third capture shows the after, where I’ve added the text label and the bend has changed.

Can re-do the bend afterwards to fix it, but note that if I do that and then delete the text label, the strange bend reappears.

E7 Cap 1.JPG
E7 Cap 3.JPG

I can’t reproduce this problem as you describe it, dangermike. Are you able to attach the project itself so we can take a look? (You’ll need to zip it up before you attach it to a reply here.)

Hi Daniel, Thanks for looking at it. Attached is the project after I’ve applied the workaround above. So you can reproduce the behaviour by selecting the text label in the bar with the bend and deleting the label. For me the bend then goes to the different shape in my third capture of the original post.
E7 Up The Fretboard.zip (436 KB)

Thanks, dangermike. I can indeed reproduce the problem with your project. The good news is that the problem seems to be fixed in our development builds, so hopefully this won’t trouble you for too long. In the meantime you should find that closing and reopening the project puts things back in the right place. Sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thanks for looking at it, Daniel, especially on a Sunday! Glad to hear it should vanish in the next update.