Possible bug with frozen external instruments?

Currently plagued with this little annoyance:

Happy with the mix, so I decide to freeze the two external synths I’ve used for posterity, before exporting the track as a whole. So the external synths freeze in real time as you expect, job done, and the whole mix exports offline nice and quickly.

Realise the mix needs a tweak, so I open Cubase 6 again and load up the track. Make my tweak to one of the channels (not the frozen synths), and go to export again. This time Cubase refuses, telling me it needs to be done in real time due to the use of external synths! It worked before, but since closing and reopening Cubase seems to have forgotten that it had already frozen the external synths (despite showing the synths as frozen).

A real time render is fruitless, as CPU spikes foil any attempt, so in order to achieve another offline export I have to unfreeze the external synths, refreeze them, and only then will Cubase give me an offline export.

Please can someone who uses external instruments with C6 see if they have the same problem? Might this be a little bug?

Possibly important – the track I opened was previously worked on in C4, but has since been saved in C6, so hopefully that shouldn’t factor into it. But I’ll see if it still occurs with a new C6 project too, just in case it’s a weird version incompatibility.

I apologize in advance for this being only partially helpful :wink: (I don’t use external synths so I haven’t reproduced this problem.)

To work around this problem, you could save as a new project, delete insert the WAV files from the frozen tracks as normal audio tracks, then delete the instrument tracks causing the problem.

I know this doesn’t help verify the bug or avoid it in the future, but it might avoid the annoyance on this particular project.

No worries! I’m glad someone’s taken the time to shed some light (sorry!) on the situation. Of course, that’s a great workaround, thank you.

Still, it’d be interesting to know if it’s a genuine issue or some strange quick of this particular project.

Still have this problem on Cubase 6.07.

Amazingly, this is still a problem with Cubase Pro 8.5.