Possible bug with shortcuts

Hi there,

Anyone had a problem trying to setup a shortcut using “control+ left or right arrow” ?

Dorico just won’t get it when I try to assign it to “extend selection towards the right/left” or “extend selection right of next bar / left of precedent bar” (or something like it, I use the French version).

Weirdly, “control+up or down arrow” and “control+shift left or right arrow” both work perfectly fine.

Cheers, Québ

Are you in Mac or Windows? Are Control-Left/Right already assigned to other functions? Off the top of my head, at least on Windows, they’re typically set to jump the orange selection a bar left or right.

Cher Queb,
These problems happen usually when the key combination is already used for some other function. Extend/shorten selection towards left already exists and is quite convenient, so I admit I don’t understand why you would change it.
You might want to use other keys than simply ctrl+arrow (are you on PC or Mac? This does make a difference when it comes to the ctrl key!). On mac, ctrl key is not used by the system nor the program natively so it is a great resource for creating key bindings. Add shift and /or alt and that’s a new number of combinations available.
Hope this helps.

On Mac. Nearly all my shortcuts are customized and quite well mapped out. It’s just this special case that doesn’t work out. Anyway, if the key combination was use somewhere else, Dorico would warn me, which it doesn’t.
Sincerely, I can’t figure out a logical reason.

Hi there,
As mentioned to Pianoleo,the combination is not used by other function, unless I’m overseeing the obvious. Of course the problem is not finding another key combination, but keeping the logic in my mapping, which works considerably quicker for me than Dorico’s original.

I should add: it’s Not that the shortcut doesn’t work, it’s that Dorico won’t let me enter it, like if it was not possible. So if anyone has a second to check out if he can do it (you don’t even need to apply or delete your normal shortcut), that would a great help. At least I’ll know if it’s my problem or dorico’s.
Thanks again

Well now that you’ve confirmed that you’re on macOS, I’ll point out that Control-Left/Right is the system shortcut for switching desktops (or from your desktop space to a full screen app and vice-versa). I’m not sure there’s much you (or Dorico’s development team) can do about that.

That would explain it!