Possible Bug with Volume Automation

Hi, not sure if this is a bug or a feature but if it is a feature I would like to know why :

  1. select a couple of volume automation points
  2. Drag them down to the bottom until the value in the inspector reads -infity (you may have to try a couple of times to get it to hit infinity)
  3. Now you can no longer drag the points up or down although interestingly the value in the inspector does change

Could someone try this out to see if it is a bug please

Not happening here, I’m afraid (tried Group and Audio channels, new points manually inserted, adjusted singly and in pairs).

C6.0.5 on Win7-64 HP.

thanks for testing. are you sure you got it down to minus infinity

Why would anyone want to do this?


For recording ANY audio fade and correcting it later perhaps? :confused:

Why do it? Well I automate pretty much every instrument’s volume, I thought everyone did? If I drag too low with the curve it gets stuck on -infinity and so I have to manually enter values in the inspector to free it up again. That seems like a bug to me but it does seem it is not happening to others so I am a bit baffled

System specs?

Same behaviour here.
When you want to grab the group of automation points at the bottom (infinite), you’ll get the “stretch” cursor (smart spot) instead of the usual pointer. You can solve this by holding Ctrl to get the normal mouse pointer. Or use the value on the “info line” of course.

Thanks niles I thought I was going batty :slight_smile: The Ctrl trick is a good work around

Pretty much if I need things that low I’ll just slap in a mute.
Could have a bug though. It is possible that something is getting in the way of processing at that level on your machine as it appears at the moment. I’m wondering if the old “trash preferences” might not fix this or maybe a re-installation of Cubase.
Do you have an older Cubase version installed where this doesn’t happen?
And. How often do you need to get this low?

I mean in real terms if you’re mixing real players when a player stops he stops and you might mute his input while he is but if he’s still playing you’d very rarely bring his fader down for effect. Just trying to establish if a work practise could be improved rather than you spend time chasing an obscure bug that might never be addressed.

Thanks for your post but it looks like I am not the only one getting this issue. As for muting yes I will do that if an instrument is to be silent for a long period. I encountered this bug through raising and lowering a sound volume via the automation points t find the exact right volume and kept hitting infinity and getting stuck, I was not actually wanting to put it at - infinity

It also happens when the so called “smart spots” are shown in the CC lane. I recall there was a margin area for the smart spots before (not sure if it was CB5) to prevent this behaviour? Or was that note expression only?