Possible Candidate for Note/Rest Colors

What do you guys think of this empty space in Dorico?
Maybe Notes/Rest colors can be there for easier access?

You mean this space?

That empty space is entirely dependent on what size your screen/window is.
It strikes me that Note/Rest Colors seem like a pretty arbitrary thing to have on the top bar, particularly as they don’t apply in all five modes.

Agreed. I appreciate the openness to suggest anything with no judgement - but when it comes to deciding, my thoughts would be don’t confuse me with breaking the model too much of where things go :slight_smile:

Reaper (haven’t used it in a long time) used to have the ability to create your own floating palette of buttons and macros, but I guess you can buy additional tools like that now. Anyway, my suggestion would be to get one of those if you want something (or a set of somethings) quickly accessible outside of the normal menu structure.

I don’t think anything about it, because most of the time I don’t see it.

(And on a desktop 1920x1080 monitor in Windows it is much wider than either of the other two attachments in previous posts)

I think that would confuse the whole concept of the five modes of Dorico.