Possible Change Drum Set stave kit?

Possible Change Drum Set stave kit? or if i need change kit ( becouse i rearrange drums to follow recommend standards to compared Dorico way) i need copy and paste new track with new kit. and remove old one after this. Also drum set importing does not work some cases.

You should be able to edit your existing drum kit using the Edit Percussion Kit dialog:

If you have a specific case where you’re unable to import a drum kit, please provide more details, and ideally a set of steps to follow to reproduce the problem.

I try most clearly tell what i mean.
I cannot change Drum kit imported Drum Set track i load midi file and drums go Drum Set track i need change kit for this track?
i can edit it as Drum Set kit and export kit this but i cannot import it expect way i using it new stave where i load my own setup. i want import this track what i allready have in new project. Imprting Kit using menu what i found where reads Import Kit creates new Drum Set. Not replace old one. Of course for example gallery view i can copy and paste music beetween them and seems also delete old drum set. but somekind kit replace is what i want like other instruments where i can simply change Bag Pipe to Pipe Organ (is funny example) etc. At least i dont know how and why there is no such.
Its slow and slower what is needed i think when music is long use this copy old stave to new stave. i know is maybe bit harder convert beetween kit to kit. when all kits dont have all same instruments but i feel (and hope) drum set track keeps all midi note values expect shows selected in selected way.

I find imported Drum Kits frequently add a new Player, perhaps because drum kits are so varied only the name Drum Kit is the same. I usually copy the imported drum kit into my existing Drum Kit’s staff and then delete the imported Player.

I do this but i hoped easier way.