Possible? Change Notes In Separate Voices Into A Chord

Is there a command to to change multiple selected notes in separate voices (in the same rhythmic position into a single chord? This would of course require it to be in a single voice as well.

I started composing a horns line with one horn player carrying the melody (it’s own player and instrument) and another horn player devoted to the harmony in three individual voices. But it turns out the best result makes all three harmonic voices play with exactly the same note values and all other particulars. So it brings up the matter of combining them into a chord, which would make things a lot easier and less confusing.

I am structuring my players this way because I want to use a little higher CC11 value for the melody as compared to the harmony.

I checked the manual and the web with no success.

Yes. You can set a key command for “Change Voice to Up-stem Voice 1.” It will change all selected notes to that voice.

Great, works fine, Dan. Thanks.

I was concerned that the command might replace the notes existing in the target voice, but it does as you said, keep the existing notes and creates chords out of the combination.