Possible Cubase 13 Graphic Bug

I’m noticing that when I set my cycles I always think that it’s off, as it displays like this when zoomed out & zooming in >

When it should display like this the whole time >


Sorry, I don’t see any difference.

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Should of drawn around it sorry*
Here’s it circled >
Screenshot 2023-12-03 at 9.37.00 pm

This happens when you are zooming/unzooming horizontally, this, with the Snap to grid option set to off.

Nothing really abnormal, IMO. What were you expecting ? :thinking:

Thing is snap to grid is on… Hence the query. If it was off totally understandable

OK. Here is what I get with a MIDI part opened in the Edit in Place function, and after having set the ruler selection background to RGB 252/252/252 (as you, to make the locators invisible), the Snap to Grid being on, with the Use Quantize value (the latter, being set at 1/128) :

  1. When the cursor is set at the end of a selected MIDI part, with the Transport > Set Project Cursor Position > Locate Selection End command :

  1. …and this, when setting the horizontal zoom at maximal, the cursor having been set elsewhere :

Still don’t see exactly where the issue is… :thinking:

Weird because the curser in my photos isn’t at the end. The grid is switched on lock. From the look of your photo it’s perfectly in line. As you can see my loop brace hangs over wheres yours lines perfectly.
In fact your photos are what I want mine to look like.

FWIW, I use a 2560 x 1440 display, with no HiDPI involved, this, with a rather ‘low end’ AOC 32" monitor. And, in the same way, I have a rather basic video card : a Sapphire/AMD Radeon RX550.

What is yours, regarding this ?

I’m on a MacBook Pro m1 14 inch With apple xdr (p3-1600 nits)