Possible cure for a bunch of issues

If you have C6 already installed, before C7 upgrade, delete your App Data folder, and restart C7. And I mean delete the one for C6 as well.

Another member here (promotouk) suggested I delete my prefs, as C7 was using the C6 folder. He was absolutely correct. Now, C7 opens quickly, problems that I had changing buffer size with my interface (causing lockup)are now fixed, and Cubase closes in a few seconds.

Again the magic “trash preferences” solution.
Is any other DAW having such problems with preferences? I don’t think so. Actually I heard of no other software of any kind, that would become unusable due to preferences file, and trashing preferences (not just resetting preferences to default, but manually deleting preference files from disk!!!) would make it usable again.
Have any of you ever heard of any software (DAW or not) with such problems? Please say, let me see that Steinberg is not the only one. :unamused:

Trashing preferences is also a common response to cure Adobe Photoshop issues - so not altogether unusual.



lets have a trash your preferences party it will solve all our problems wwaahhhoooooooo… :unamused: :unamused: