Possible F/R? View Time/Date Stamp of Clips in Montage

Is there a way to view the date/time stamp of a clip in a Montage (or the CD Window perhaps?)

I often have multiple versions of the same component clips. It would be very useful if I could look at the date it was rendered in the Montage rather than having to switch to File Explorer.

Can do?

Does the Files Tab in the Audio Montage provide you with enough info? You can assign a key command to focus the Files Tab window. See attached.

Hi. I’ve been meaning to compliment you on a podcast you were on–something about working man something or other. Anyhoo…

This is one of those dealies I run across about once every 3 months where I go, “Damn, Martha, where’d -that- come from.” I =never= used that tool window before. So thanks again.

HOWEVER, I still think it would be nice if the date just showed up as a column in the Clips and CD browsers. OR: when one right clicks on the clip at the bottom. Is it ‘necessary’? No. Just a fine touch. Those are the places my eye immediately went to for that info.

Anyhoo… CHEERS for all you do for the WL community.