Possible face to face collaboration Hertfordhire UK

Me: I am a silver surfer, been around Cubase since 1995, retired in September haven’t used it for a while, revising. I have a good studio which I have just updated for a project. I have played quite a few instruments mainly sax, but am now on keys. I have good theoretical knowledge, study harmony and composition and I have creativity and fussy ears, it has to be right. I have a decent studio with some sophisticated VST - all of Spectrasonics. Kontakt, Cubase 8.5, East West, NeoSoul Keys, Keyscape (oh joy) , pianos and more…I work in Surround.

I have decided to work on writing a musical. I have already sketched a LIbretto and have a very clear concept of what it is. This is more Art than entertainment, it may even end up a ballet! I do tend to think orchestrally as this was my first experience as a child, but I also love many other styles and played, jazz, blues soul etc along the way. I want to accomplish this work is MIDI/Studio. BTW there is no money in this - yet… I hope later. This is a very different and deep idea. I did some work on this some years ago, and even got an offer for production, but I was unhappy with the standard of the music as the technology of MIDI was not ready for prime time. I think that has now changed - my ears are now happier.

Sometimes I feel I would really benefit from someone to bounce ideas off of and work with. Such a person would be Cubase familiar,technically experienced, creative, live near St Albans Hertfordshire, be willing to work in my studio and be willing to spend hard work - like I do. Obviously there would have to be artistic chemistry. It would be an interesting learning experience if nothing else.

PM and we could discuss…


Hello Z,

I live in Aylesbury, so I am pretty close. If I fit your profile we could easily get together, but how about VST Transit?

Anyway, I am a self taught musician, with a few guitars and an maudio keyboard. Like you I am on the old side and semi retired so have a lot of free time.
If you fancy having a get together, let me know.


Jim B