(possible feature request) Contoller lanes / Note expression

Is it possible to rename controller lanes or to set up some kind of map like a drum map?

It would make my life so much easier. As of now I’m having to write down in the channel notepad what cc# is assigned to what (cc# 22 - Filter cutoff). I just find it a bit messy. It would be so musch better if I was able to save a template for each of my vsti’s and be able to select cutoff, ect… from the lane directly.

Also, whilst on my search for a better solution to this this I started using note expression for controller data which I find much better as the cc data will follow the note (although not in polyphonic unless the vsti is compatible) but I still have the same problem, as in I am still only able to select from a list of cc numbers. I did notice that if you use a note expression compatible vsti, ie, Halion sonic it will offer up more useful labels such as volume, cutoff, ect…
So, is it possible to set up my own templates for note expression?

Oh, and one last thing…

The reason I like using the controller lane as opossed to using the automation lanes on the main page is due automation link. however, I’m not sure how how automation link works with note expression or whether it works at all. Does anyone here now?


*cough… :confused:

I’m guessing no one knows the answer then?..

Is it worth contacting Steinburg, do they normaly get back to you about these sort of things?

+1 and It’s Steinberg, Hamburg is where they live.

Yeah, that’s what I said, steinburg… :stuck_out_tongue: