Possible Feature Request/Question: Batch Alter Gap Between CD Clips

When I do a ‘real’ CD, I have the ME set up the CD with all the gaps between tracks so I never -really- learned the intricacy of how ‘Red Book’ CDs work (or if it matters). Anyhoo…

I would like a single command that makes the gap between -all- clips in a montage to a single uniform length of time.

When I start work on an album it will have maybe 5 tracks. So I create a Montage. Then as I add clips, I add CD Markers and at a certain point when I’m done, I start dragging all 18 tracks one after another to set the gaps. It takes -forever-.

It would be a LOT easier if I could simply set them all to .5s (or whatever) in one go and then just alter the two or three clips that require a different distance for artistic reasons. Is this doable?

ALSO: Is there a minimum distance between CD tracks? IOW: How does one make the tracks butt up against one another–ie. have -no- gap?



Insert > markers > track splice Track Splice is the “two arrow head” marker.

FWIW, I have almost exclusively used track splices for CDs now for years. We all work different ways, but I try and master each track so that it fades appropriately and naturally for the next. Saves heaps of time and generally means that your digital “matches” your physical CD.

Hope this helps.

Did you try the CD Wizard?

As PG said, the CD Wizard does all of this. It’s a pop up window in the montage that can do a variety of things for you automatically.

It can readjust the spacing between your audio clips, and it can add track markers for you. I’m also with Rat that CD Track Splice Markers are the way to go to 2018. I’ve been doing it for at least a decade really.

Having a gap between the track end marker and the next track start marker can make a mess of things easily. With CD Track Splice Markers your rendered WAV or mp3 tracks are the same length as the CD/DDP tracks which can be crucial. WaveLab added some render settings to accommodate those who still like to use the old-school separate markers so that the rendered tracks go up until the next CD track start marker but I think the CD Track Splice Marker approach is way more simple and clean.

I made a few screen shots of the CD Wizard for you. One setting is a setting I don’t use because I manually adjust the spacing between songs. You can actually do this with a global preference if you insert all the songs at one time so that any inserted clips have X amount of time between them, but if you have a montage that is slowly built and then you want to adjust the song spacing in one command later on, you can use the CD wizard. The setting is called “Adjust Pauses Before Tracks” which I don’t think is the best wording but by doing this, you will conform the clips to have whatever amount of space you enter in, and then you can manually adjust any that are needed.

The CD Wizard can also make CD Track Splice Makers at the start of every clip and if you need to offset the marker placement itself, there is a setting in the Makers tab called “Move Multiple Markers”. Sometimes you don’t want the marker right at the start of the file because you want a few milliseconds of buffer before the first audio starts.

And to answer your question about minimum time between tracks, there is no minimum. If you want seamless tracks, just use a CD Track Splice Marker which is a track end and track start marker that are glued together.



The CD Wizard is great. Indispensable.

Thank you all. …especially Justin P. Extremely generous.

Splice Markers and the CD Wizard are wonderful. Works exactly like I’d do it if I had designed the program. I’ll never screw with ‘regular’ CD markers again.