Possible Fermata Bug?

I entered in some music. The last note needed a Fermata. If I draw the slur first, and the hairpin, the fermata was placed on the 16th note where the slur began, not the half note.

If I add the fermata first, then the slur and hairpin, it all works out as it’s supposed to.

Anyone else get this same thing? Is there an “order of operation” that I am unaware of?


I guess you posted the same picture twice… Not easy to see the problem !
Anyway, I ran into problems with fermata this afternoon, so I would be interested into some explanations — is it possible to have the fermata “not” exactly at the same place in the different bars of the score (something quite usual actually) ?

Should be fixed now…

There is no “order of operation” when adding fermatas. What the problem could be is that in the first case the slur was also selected with the half-note. The fermata is always added to the earliest start position of all selection, so if the slur is selected it’ll be added to the 16th note, but if only the half note is selected, it should go above the half note.

That makes sense… maybe I wasn’t paying close enough attention.

I’ll play around more with it.



I played around with it, and it seems that in the example I provided above, the fermata does not get placed in the correct spot when dynamics and slur are already present. I ensured that the slur was not accidentally selected.

I am not sure what else I might be doing wrong.


Another few little bugs that exist:

1 - When I add the fermata, the view jumps all the way to the top staff. I am working on a larger score, and I have to scroll down through 10 or more staves.

2 - Selecting the note head of the half note, automatically selects the slur for some reason. It takes several attempts to select just the half note. So maybe, it is a cosmetic issue, where the slur really is selected, but just not showing that it is?


Hi Robby,

Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the problem, so it maybe specific to that file. Could you attach it?
Thanks for the other two reports. I’ll log the jumping score problem in our system. The click areas of slurs and many other items are already improved and will be in the next update, so selecting that half note will be much easier.


I am not savvy enough to add it here. Paul already has a copy of the file, and I can e-mail it to you.