Possible FR -- Setup

I’m setting up an odd project, changing the instruments in Setup to find the right combination.

It would be handy to be able to see what has been assigned in the Play area, when appropriate. Maybe in abbreviated form such as:
Track 3 1 C3 | 04 VSL Strings ch 6
or fuller
Track 3 1 C3 | 04 VSL Strings ch 6 Cor Anglais

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Note that you can overwrite that field yourself. But I see the value in your FR ! It could be an option with a toggle. Things could go quite wild with independent voices and multiple instruments held by the player though.

For sure, but if you change your mind, you just have to remember to edit it again.

I can see what you mean about independent voices, but even a brief indication that a Play channel has been assigned might be helpful.