Possible issue in Cubase 12 trial

Hello, When selector is in the ruler on main project and pulled downward as to condense or expand. the project and the selector is thus out of the ruler area and not released immediately the entire project screen wiggles, shimmy’s etc, not sure if this is normal behavior, on CUbase 12 trial version 12,0,60, everything appears to be working perfectly. My meager collection of third-party plug-ins is there and working…just wondering if this is correct behavior,


I’m sorry, I don’t quite understand your terminology. What do you mean by

Do you mean the project Cursor? Or do you mean the mouse cursor/pointer?

Do you mean Zoom In/Out?

Could you make a video screen recording, please?

Could you provide more info about your system, please? What graphic card do you use, please?

Guessing that you are talking about the mouse pointer behavior on the ruler, used when dragging it up/down, there is no issue here (Cubase pro 12.0.60 / Windows 10 / Radeon RX550 - 2560 x 1440 pixels) : the arrange window is horizontally zoomed regularly, and without any hiccup.

So, the issue is not with Cubase 12 Trial ? If so, which version is involved ? And, as @Martin.Jirsak asked, could you give us more precisions about your system configuration ?


sorry not up to speed on terminology… selector=mouse/pointer and yes condense/expand = zoom in/out…again I apologize don’t get on forum often.
system is a stock Lenovo intel core i5, 12 GB memory, win 10. Cubase Pro 12 trial version 12.o.60… Currently running Cubase artist 9 and have never seen described behavior on it. I can live with this little wiggle thing but would like to resolve it before purchasing… not sure about the graphics card, info packet says
intel HD graphics…not complaining but a bit tough just to figure how make a post so it may take a day or two to upload a video. thank you Danc


This would still help significantly.

hello, did a short video with apple iphone showing the screen wobble but cannot upload to forum due to file format I assume…if there is a email address I could send to I could do that. Danc


It would be much better to use and application for the video screen recording…

You can share the video via Dropbox or similar service. No email, please.

Here’s a good simple free one for the PC.

This one is also free & does a lot more (overkill for what @danc needs) - but is also more complicated to use. For folks with additional requirements.

here is a brief video

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Yeah, that is weird. Works smoothly as expected here.

Have you tried swapping out the mouse?

When it’s jumping back & forth might it be trying to snap to something other than the Grid, like an Audio Event.

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What graphic card and screen resolution do you use, please?

thx for the help everyone…my computer is stock 2017 lenovo…screen res 1920x1080. it matters not whether snap on or off, slightly intermittent behavior in that if I play with the mouse sometimes it will stop the wiggle phenomenon…have the same project on Artist 9, which is where the files were imported from and once again this behavior is not exhibited. sorry to say I can’t find what graphics card is used mostly because I am not computer literate. So I ask: I have a few weeks left on Cubase 12 trial and as far as I can tell this bugaboo is the only fly in the ointment, I would definitely like to upgrade from Artist 9 to 12 pro. does anyone here think it unadvisable to upgrade in spite of this snafued? might it get worse? what about a maintenance update for a trial version…?
thx danc

Not sure what you’re asking for, but there are no explicit trial versions of Cubase. If you install and run a Steinberg application it will run in a trial mode until you have registered it or the trial runs out.

As for the wiggle issue, I’ve never seen anything like it. Sorry.

thank you mlindeb for clarification regarding maintenance update trial version. to date no one else has reported this issue. have tried a different wired mouse: same behavior… so I am wondering if a maintenance update might fix this issue…for those in the forum with more expertise than I, knowing there is an unresolved issue, would you purchase the product? thx Danc

I don’t know if anyone can tell you if it is worth purchasing or not.
What I do know is that I’ve never experienced this issue nor have I seen anyone else encounter it. That leads me to think there is something in your system causing it. The trick is to figure out what. What I would look at first are any applications that concern mouse/keyboard handling or gfx card management as well as any “bloat ware” that may have come preinstalled.

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thank you for your time…will likely purchase and live with it, there are alternatives…Danc