Possible issue with Folders?

I often use folders on the arrange page with many tracks inside each folder. I have found several occasions that when I select a part on a track that is contained in a folder, some parts on one or two other tracks above/below/nearby will also become selected at the same time -as if they have somehow become grouped. If I drag the offending tracks out of the folder, then part selection works as normal.

Seems like a possible bug? Has anyone else experienced this. Hard to give a specific way to reproduce it as it just seems to start happening at random once I’ve been working on a project for a while.

I am running version 7.0 64 Bit, Win7.

I’ve updated to 7.02 64Bit and I’m still having the same problem.

Just giving this one a little bump. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

I have not seen this exact thing, but I’m not using folders currently.

I did see the following, but have not really tested it enough to have an actual repro.

If there is a chord track above a midi track with edit-in-place activated selecting an object on the chord track also selected the midi track.

I have this! Very annoying ! I had this in 6.5 already. Very random.

It happens after duplicating a track and then cutting the parts of the copy/original track.
There will always be the corresponding parts of both track being selected.

Steinberg - please fix!

I have found that if you create a new folder and drag your tracks into that, then the problem goes away so seems like that’s the workaround for the time being.

And for me its almost awkward :slight_smile:
I had the “edit as group” button of the folder activated.

Disabled it and it all goes away!

Tried that?

I never use ‘edit as group’ so that’s not the issue in my case.

I just started a thread recently with basically the same issue. I’ve never grouped any tracks , or put them in folders yet so I didn’t know if audio recorded from each “take” are “automatically” put into a folder ?

It seems that the actual bug is that the edit as group flag gets set somehow.

I use it neither but still it was active on the one folder causing problems. Disabled it - done.

I think I accidently pressed a key or something…

The icon for grouping has 2 horiz. lines on it in the track of the folder. Try it?

I’ve had this issue. It falls into a whole class of ‘non-reproducible’

Another related one (for me anyhoo)… I have -events- that magically get ‘grouped’ together, even though they are not grouped. So selecting one event also selects the other. Deleting one deletes the other. Maddening.

My strong suspicion is that errors like this are caused by a -very- subtle corruption in the CPR. I say this because if you create another folder in the very same CPR… and move all the parts/events/whatnot into it, the problem goes away.

And my suggestion is that you file a support ticket and e-mail S/B the CPR… as I have done. My hope is that they have tools to analyze the guts of the CPRs (which are really just huge XML files) and if enough people send in CPRs with the same issue, they can find the commonality.


Good idea suntower. Will post my faulty CPR…