Possible Macro behavior bug with Lemur

Hi all. I use Lemur to integrate into my Nuendo. I may have found an odd problem using macros and generic devices.

I made a macro to select all files under the cursor on all tracks. I called this macro “Select All Events Under Cursor”

Macro looks like this:

  • select all
  • select events under cursor

Now, if I fire off this macro using a key command it works perfectly.

However, I used Lemur and assigned a Lemur button to send a midi command. In my device setup I attached this midi command to the following:
Device - Command
Channel/Category - Macro
Value/Action - “Select All Events Under Cursor” that’s the name of my macro

What I have found is that when I execute the macro from the Lemur that it will not execute the “select all” command in the macro, but it seems to execute everything else. I have put the “select all” command in multiple times in different places and it still won’t execute. I have put other commands in and found that everything except “select all” will work.

But, again, if I fire off this same macro from the keyboard everything works perfectly.

Can anyone confirm?


Darren “Macro” Ingram