Possible MIDI setup?

Hey. I’m kinda new with cubase and recording, and i bought a Steinberg UR22 (with Cubase AI8) not so long ago. It works very good, but i really want to use the midi feature, with the Halionone thing. I have two midi cables, and an old Technics piano with midi input and output, but i don’t make it work. I have followed houndrer tutorials but i don’t really get it. I’m completly new to MIDI, is this even possible? Thanks.

Hi and welcome,

Connect the MIDI Out of your Technics piano to the MIDI In of your UR22 soundcard by using the MIDI cable. If it doesn’t work, try to connect the MIDI In of the Technics to the MIDI In of your UR22 (some companies tampered the MIDI standard, and they did it the opposite way).

See this Setup example, please.