Possible New Audio track insert bug

A song saved with an insert on a track but not active and with no automation on that track reloads later with the insert active.

Obscure I know but repeatable here and caught me out today.

I’m on a mac and can’t reproduce this presuming the insert was on an audio track?

Thanks for trying
Yes an audio track on a PC

Not seeing that here. I just opened a Project I knew had several inactive Inserts and none had changed to active. These were on Audio, Instrument, and Group Channels.

Thanks raino for trying
How strange it happens here every time even with a virgin minimal project.

No biggie to work round as any automation on the track even automation doing nothing and with read set off cures it

I just doubled checked and there is no automation on my Tracks with the Inserts. But there is some automation on other Tracks in the Project. Is it possible that any automation in the Project resolves the problem?