Possible Noob Question: Easy Global Transpose?

Is there -any- reasonably easy way to pitch up or down an -entire- project all in one go?

If so, how?



This is not a Feature Request, but if it were, I just want a ONE BUTTON up/down knob.

I generally use the transpose track for this.


Right, but that also transposes all the MIDI tracks so my drum tracks go bananas. Is there a way to specifically -exclude- some tracks from the Transposition?

Not tracks as a whole, but you can select all the events you want to stay where they are and change how they transpose using the info line. Once you’ve done that, you can transpose however you like using the transpose track and they won’t move.

You can exclude part and events from transposition, but if the MIDI track is a drum track, it shouldn’t be transposed either way.

The easiest way is…
Add to any track/part that you want to transpose a root key. Then from global transpose if you select any other key it will transpose those parts that have a root key assigned.
Hope that helps.

Thanks for the tips. Very helpful I always hope against hope that there will magically appear a VariSpeed wheel I missed somewhere along the way. :slight_smile:

What would be cool would be if there was a way to auto-magically exclude entire tracks… ie. some sort of Template function where when you add a MIDI or Audio track it has an ‘Exclude From Global Transpose?’ option.