Possible Noob Question: Position Cursor In Center Of Screen?

Since C9 has unusable scroll bars…no left/right arrows

I keep thinking there was a key command to ‘Re-position cursor in center of screen’.

I mean: as the project scrolls by (with Scroll turned OFF), the cursor moves to the right and then goes off screen. I was hoping there was a button I could press that not only brings the cursor back into view, but also automatically re-positions the window so that the current cursor is in the middle of the screen. Sort of like that feature where the cursor stays and the window moves, BUT just instaneous.

Hopefully that make sense?

Is there a function for that? Or is it still a F/R?



PS: I would LOVE a feature where Scroll was -always- off, but when you hit ‘Stop’ the window would -always- re=center itself as above.

Look for “stationary curser” in the manual (at least that’s what I think it was called)

I’m aware of this. It works OK, but unfortunately, you can’t just tell Cubase to ‘stop on a dime and re-center’. It seems to take -several- clicks to do what I want.

Have you tried a macro that changes to stationary curser and back again. Don’t know if that would work, or if additional steps are required. Just a thought.