Possible Noob Question: Track/VSTi/MIDI Preset?

  1. Is there a way to import the MIDI -and- the Mixconsole channel (EQ, inserts, sends) -and- the VSTi rom another CPR all in one go?

  2. Is there a way to save a ‘preset’ which stores both the VSTi -and- the MixConsole Channel preset (EQ, inserts, sends) all in one go?

I tried the Import Tracks function and it doesn’t seem to do the above. You can import the MIDI track. And you can import the ‘Channel’. But it doesn’t bring the VSTi along for the ride.

What am I missing?



Nobody? :frowning:

Iirc, Track Export/Track Import only works with Track Instruments, not Rack Instruments. Which is yours? I think if it’s Track Instruments, inserts and sends should be included. But in prior versions, prior to C10 this did not work reliably.

But you are also asking about import from project, which is of course different than Track Export/Track Import. I need to check this out for myself.

Thanks. I almost -never- use Track Instruments. Almost always Rack. (Since I use multi-channel plugs like Kontakt and Omnisphere there’s no point to using Track Instruments).

I -thought- that with a Track Preset, it might save the VSTi… but it doesn’t.

I guess it’s consistent to not do so either for Import/Export, but it sure would be helpful.


I almost always use Omnisphere as a track instrument. I wrote Omnisphere, so I’m pretty familiar with the pros and cons :slight_smile:.

What are the -pros- of using an Omnisphere instance with 8 independent sounds as a Track instrument?

The ‘Track’ only links the automation to the first patch (audio/midi automation)

Please explain.


I’m not shure if it will work for you, but “file>export selected track (to a xml file on your disk) from your source project and then file>import (track archive? Not at my computer right now), point to the previous saved xml…” seems to work for me. Mixer settings including inserts, send levels and track data (audio, midi) are recalled. For example I was not able to save and recal a multi out grooveagent kit including mixer settings using the normal presets pane, but this worked.

Yes, like you say, automation is so much simpler with 8 track instruments instead of 1 rack instrument and 8 midi tracks. It becomes so much easier to see which of the 8 parts an automation lane is effecting. The same is true of midi learning and all midi input. In addition, performance is generally better since it’s easier for the DAW to spread the processing load across cores. And, using track instruments solves your track import problem.

In any case, with recent changes in Cubase 9 and 10, you can now do almost everything with a track instrument that you can with a rack instrument, including having midi tracks attached to it…there’s rarely any reason to use a rack instrument.

I agree.

I remember reading numerous debates over processing load when using Track vs. Rack. Most of them film and game composers in VI Control where hundreds/thousands of tracks become an issue. Due to the Cubase evolution of Track Instruments, for myself it just seems easier. I know it sounds weird loading hundreds of instances of Kontakt, but with this method import/export works, and these days disabling/enabling those tracks work without the midi bugs and inconsistencies of enabling hoping everything works as expected…special thanks to Guy…NoiseboyUK.

Due to evolving Track Instrument functions, I think it’s much easier to discuss differences between Track and Rack instead of what they have in common. One difference is the export/import. Another difference is Save Selected/Load Selected that only works with Rack Instruments. There are a few other differences, but not nearly as many as when Steinberg first introduced the concept of Track Instruments.

You wrote Omnisphere?

Are you doing this with a Track Instrument or Rack Instrument?

Yes, that’s me.

In retrospect, it probably would have been better to have only track instruments in Cubase from the beginning. The way track instruments have evolved over the past few years represents IMHO an effort by Steinberg to right that wrong.

Out of interest guys, I use Superior Drummer 3 on a rack instrument so I can spread the individual drums onto there own tracks for processing and automation. Do you think multiple instances of SD3 as track instruments with the drums assigned individually to them would be a better solution even in that case?

And respect on Omnishpere GlennO, I can barely write a shopping list!

:laughing: plus one, and nice one!

fyi, there no longer a need to use a rack instrument to do that. Steinberg recently made enhancements that allow you to have multiple outputs from a track instrument, and a midi track can address a track instrument. In your case you would still use a single instance, but on a track instead of rack.

Greggybud is right. There are some differences that remain, but the reasons why one might want to use rack instruments have been gradually disappearing.

And respect on Omnishpere GlennO, I can barely write a shopping list!


It can be done as single track instrument, I’ve set it up like that before but it has the very annoying disadvantage of sharing the instrument name with the first output. So if you assign output 1/2 to “Kick” then the instrument is named “Kick”.
Doesn’t sound like a big deal I know but it can lead to confusion in the mixer and it is just damn inelegant!

But as usual I’m probably just doing it wrong.

I really enjoyed that nicely understated sentence!


Thank you, Glenn… both for Omnisphere and your help here.

If it’s not -too- much trouble, it would be -very- helpful to me to understand what ‘enhancements’ you’re talking about to Track Instruments. I’m still operating under the assumption (C9?) where a Track Instrument could only work well with a single-timbre/channel VSTi.

Eg. If I were using NI’s B4, I couldn’t use it as a Track Instrument because the linked automation would only apply to the Upper Manual.

I guess you’re saying that has been corrected?

Are these changes actually -documented- some place, so I know the new rules?



You can do both multi-timbre and multi-output with track instruments.

Multi-timbre can be done by creating a midi track, then setting the output for the midi track to the instrument track. The instrument track will show up in the output menu, along with other output choices.

Multi-output can be done with the activate output button, which you’ll find next to the instrument name.

Just to be clear though, I was originally commenting on using Omnisphere mono-timbrally vs. multi-timbrally. Track instruments vs. rack instruments is another topic.