Possible points to consider/creation downtime issues.

Initially I posted this to offer a possible solution to a particular issue BUT As I was reading more and more about a lot of peoples issues on the forum I decided to post it here in General.
NB [Obviously most of the context is relative to the Windows operating system.]
If some point does help in some way someone especially if you are just away to set up your latest and final music comp [the power you can get these days is unreal] like me then great.

You may also already be of the same opinion with some parts so really this is just a possible general solution to obviously a lot of complex issues that I have no idea to the solutions to but the common thread is that at the very least these issues are interfering with your creating time.

In the beginning Bill took public property built a fence around it and said this is mine,
This irked a few irritated others and created a gold mine for others.
Mmmm… its called windows wonder if any of them are open, or with some that are locked we could create a diversion and them open some more.
Now while they’re busy closing them over there we will get busy working on opening some over here and so it went on and still does.

Then everyone wanted something new give us something new, it should be better we say we want better but really we just want new.
We want new! We want new! We want new!

So Bill said,
Ta da look its shiny its new its Viiiiiissssttttaaaaa.
Whahey ain’t it shiny ain’t it new ain’t it great?
Suddenly the shiny new toy although shiny and new wasn’t great in fact oh no several users are reporting issues.
Now give Bill his due then Bill did something really great.
He said their having issues with that shiny new toy that they stamped their feet demanding [stressing coders and developers with]
It looks shiny and new but on the inside it ain’t great.
I want you to make it great we’ll tell them its another new shiny toy of course when really it’s the basically the same toy, but because it is great on the inside this time then their desire for,
We want new We want new will be fulfilled.
We’ll call this new shiny and great toy Windows 7 with the 64 versions Professional and Ultimate allowing serious amounts of ram unlike the predecessors being throttled.
Its stable it comes later on with service pack 1 pre installed and its new.

Unfortunately there were still some We want new We want news SO Bill gave them windows 8 but sorry Bill we weren’t buying it because we were happy with stable functioning BUT all this time the gold rush was still on.
Update update update software bundled with goodness knows what ok take Steinberg our friend try going into the registry to delete all remnants for a clean install and they are friends.
And if not you can imagine.
And the net oh yes it ain’t called a net for no reason ka ching ka ching.

So what to do and Cubase 8 has now made it possible to address the obvious issue with their zero downtime licence.
Maybe its a hint.
Its simple new hardrive clean install from disc of windows 7 professional or ultimate I don’t see many users with more than 128G of ram like some of my nutter friends streaming the samples from disc booted into ram it kills latency.
And NEVER connect your music computer to the net pristine registry nothing goes in you don’t need a myriad of updates to fix holes because there is no way in there is no windows that need to be closed if you must install anything get it from ninite for example the programs without any bundled flower.
Executables exes’s need to connect no connection no problem.
Ok yes you can bring them in [issue creators]from usb keys but narrowing the field trusted developers and Pre- scanning the key on a seperate suitably prepared comp before letting it loose on your music comp.

You will make it infinitely easier to find the issue as you say if one thing goes in at a time to find the source of a problem but if your computer is constantly connected to the net then good luck when you consider for example say how well was the evil wiki or such like guarded.
And someone got to the keys to that! ,some system bypass folks skill range is beyond comprehension to myself and infinitely more knowledgeable they don’t need to knock over the skill is in divert and recapture.
If you ask any of these folk is there any secure way and they always say only 1.
No internet connection!
These folks must have just started falling over themselves with laughter and joy when the banks said we’ve got an idea internet banking.

So you may ask Steinberg for example what is causing this issue and they say a third party plug in but how do they know where you got that plug in from and goodness knows what else you’ve got in your comp or what its connected to its like waiting for someone to knock on your steel framed welded front door but your back doors open and they have been in got what they wanted before you even know whats happened whenever they want to or you handed them the keys from a program you installed.

There is so many variables to cause a plug in/app to crash it is tricky to find the source yea you have clues but not leads.
And if your operating system is also not stable and secure with the possibility of unwanted connections then you could spend an eternity looking for an answer that you may not find.
Working with what plug ins for example doesn’t cause you issues and learning to love those ones cause they don’t cause you issues.

I consider this for example how long would it take me to be able to understand just the circle of fifths in the chorder function by learning to play the piano which I am learning to do?
Answer Years./ versus risking constant crashing from an issue that is not essential and yes it should work without issue but I would choose having the circle of fifths all day long.
I would compromise.

And maybe spend more time creating whatever music you love because really that’s what Cubase is for creating,
Creating genius creators.

Man that’s a difficult read - you should consider spacing
Are you a rapper per chance?

Thank you for taking your time to comment.

I cannot imagine me reading it in German French Italian or Romansh the languages of Switzerland.

For yourself personally it maybe German.

So you have a very valid point about spacing to at least make it easier for anyone who takes their valuable time to read it.