Possible Project Saving Bug (Cubase 13 Pro)

I have used Cubase Pro without issues for a few years. I am on version 13 Pro.

Today I created a new project in my usual location on an internal hard drive.

I used “Use default location”, but for “Project Folder:” I mistakenly made that empty (no value).

I worked on the project for a couple of hours. It seemed to be saving fine.

I closed Cubase.

When I tried to re-open the project, it was not there.

I did a Windows search for .cpr and .bak files. I only found a .cpr.lnk file which seems to be no use.

I speculate because I had an empty field for “Project Folder:” Cubase didn’t know what to do and didn’t save it properly.

Fortunately, my recording .wav files are still there, but I had a lot of work put into this.

I tried data recovery with GetDataBack software, but couldn’t find the files.

  1. This very well may be a bug - can it be fixed please
  2. Is there any way I can get my project back?

To further clarify what I did when initially selecting save location:

I said “Use default location”. Then for “Project Folder:” I had in empty, and this dialogue box selected, and clicked straight on “Create Empty” without selecting something else first. I think this meant “Project Folder:” didn’t default back to previous value.

Maybe you could try more data recovery software. Have you tried iBoysoft or Disk Drill?

I made a new project and got it to a similar stage to what the lost one was at, so that’s OK now.

I just tried a test and left the “Project Folder:” empty again and clicked on “Create Empty”. Nothing went wrong with the test after saving and closing and re-opening Cubase. So looks like I was wrong about that.

But I have no idea how my original project simply vanished. Strange.

Oh well.