Possible Rehearsal Mark bug

Not sure of this is by design, or not…

But as I am entering my score, I come to a place that requires a meter change, I type Shift + M, and the pop-over comes alive, and away I go. As I get to a measure that needs a rehearsal mark, I type Shift + A, and nothing happens. I have to exit note-input and enter the rehearsal mark.

Based on the behavior of the “Pop-over” commands, I would be lead to believe that this behavior should be similar between pop-overs and to the rehearsal mark command. Both begin with shift.

Just a thought that I felt was worth sharing.


Here is another small issue I notice.

If you add a rehearsal mark, it only moves when it collides with something in the measure it is attached to. It does not avoid collisions if there is something in the previous measure that causes a collision, while the measure it is attached to is empty.

Here is an example.
Screen Shot 2017-05-28 at 2.33.32 PM.png

I agree that you should be able to create a rehearsal mark during note input: we do plan to address this in due course. Likewise, the fact that rehearsal marks only avoid collisions with things to their right is not quite correct and we will address this in due course too. Thanks for taking the time to post about them.