Possible renewal of Education license

Good morning, sir,
I hereby wish to request information about a Cubase Element student license issued to me. I wanted to know, once the license period is over, how can I renew it obviously by sending another certificate of eligibility?
I look forward to your kind answer.
Best regards,
Vittorio Maria STANO

The license period does not expire. Your student’s license is a student’s license until you update or upgrade to a new version. Then it becomes a regular license.

Hi, there,
Thank you for your answer. So can I keep this type of license forever or do I have to update it as you said before?
I’m waiting for your answer.
Best regards,
Vittorio Maria STANO

If you don´t want the restrictions of the EDU-License, you have to update or upgrade, if the restrictions don´t matter to you, you can Keep it as EDU-license

Good evening, sir,
What are the restrictions on the use of an education license?
I’m waiting for an answer.
Best regards,
Vittorio Maria STANO

Read the EULA!

an EDU version of Cubase is a full version of the program, just at a discounted price for students. Once you buy a future update you will have a full version of that program. Edu version are intended to be a affordable way for a student (that normally has non or very low income) to have a chance to own a great DAW

But it is restricted in use.

See number 9: