Possible selection and/or repeat ending bug

In the attached project (couldn’t get this to happen in a new one), the following strange behavior happens:

  1. Select Bars 3-5 through the System track - Notice that after clicking the checkbox, bar 5 isn’t selected as expected.
  2. Manually CTRL-Click the Rest in bar 5 to add it to the selected range of bars, then click “Create Repeat Ending” to make bars 3-5 into the first ending - only bars 3-4 are turned to the first ending and bar 5 is made into the second ending (BTW no matter how I tried to select bars 3-5 Dorico just wouldn’t turn these three bars into the first ending).

Not sure if these are two separate issues or if the first is somehow causing the second.
repeat ending bug 2.zip (346 KB)

There is something strange about this specific project that I also can’t reproduce in a new file: there’s something odd about the bar rest in bar 5 that prevents it from being selected. I initially suspected some issues relating to having used Remove Rest and some stray starts/ends voice properties lurking about, but haven’t been able to find anything untoward.

As a workaround for the time being, add a note in bar 5, then create the repeat ending, and delete the note again. I’ll ask one of the team to take a look when things have calmed down a bit to see if we can work out what’s up with this file.

This on only happens in the second layout which has no name - and there is a page overwrite. The full score layout acts as expected.

I think the ‘show bar rests in empty staves’ in Layout options is the problem.
If Consolidate is set to ‘None’ then the problem will disappear.


Ah, good spot, Jan. When you have multi-bar rests switched on, then you get a single-bar multi-bar rest, which doesn’t behave like a “real” rest.