possible slur bug


This is the first time this has happened to me after hundreds of perfect slurs but I thought it might be good to let you know.
I’ve linked a small project (couldn’t attach .dorico or .zip…) with one slur which for some reason only agrees to connect to the _first note of a tie chain, and not the second (and final) as it should. Using the Alt+right-arrow-key shortcut only sends it off to the next note.

Some more fiddling about shows that this is an issue relating to the grace note. When the beginning of the slur is moved from the grace note to its ‘main’ note this issue disappears…

This isn’t a bug: there are separate settings for whether slurs starting on grace notes and ending on rhythmic notes should join the first or last notes in the tie chain.

I see! Thanks.
But shouldn’t this setting only relate to slurs connecting from grace notes to the notes they ‘grace’, i.e. the note immediately to their right?
I mean if this slur continues on to a whole phrase which happens to end with another, different tie chain, does it make sense any more?

I wouldn’t disagree, but that’s not how things work at present; if the slur starts on a grace note, then it gets handled one way, and if it starts on a rhythmic note then it gets handled another way. It’s possible to set the appearance how you want both via Engraving Options and via the Properties panel, so hopefully you have sufficient control to achieve the result you want with minimal effort.

Ah ok I hadn’t noticed it was possible to change this in a case to case manner in the properties panel. Makes things much easier.