Possible solution for hangs on exit

Hi guys,

I’m relatively new to Cubase, bought the 7.5 a few weeks ago and had the free update to 8. I had a lot of hangs when I tried to exit the software (which needed a restart of system as they crash the ASIO drivers of my audio card) and I decided to disable the following :

  • Steinberg Hub
  • ASIO Guard

Didn’t see any hang at all since I did this (but time will tell), so maybe this is a start point ? Steinberg can you look into this please ? I suspect ASIO guard but am not 100% sure yet.



Yes, these were suggestions by SB for 7.0-7.5.3.

Some noticed better overall results when unchecking Steinberg Hub. I did.

And it was advised to try ASIO Guard on a Vst by Vst basis for smoother operation. That was possible in the older version ‘Plug In Information’ Page. Not sure if that’ll still be available in Q8 though with the new Plugin Manager that has been requested for so long now. I haven’t installed my copy yet.

Yes same here, Cubase overall seems to behave better without these two options, but I wonder why ?

The ASIO guard tip…is that just for third party plug-ins or is it recommended for the built in ones too?

I don’t know, I just disabled the whole option … I’m using a fast CPU i7 X980 and still don’t really know what ASIO guard is good for on my system.

I would think it means for 3rd party ones. Since the on-board ones are designed for Cubase, one would assume they’d work just fine.