Possible to Activate Cubase from Hardware Purchase on 2 Computers?

I Recently bought the UR22 Mk II and it came with Cubase AI. I have not activated it anywhere yet.

I take the interface to work in the morning and do editing when I have time and then I take it home as well (Right now I’m just using Audition and a Reaper trial).

Obviously I’d like to be able to use Cubase AI on bother computers but I don’t know which one I want to activate it on and I’m afraid I can only do it once. Is there any option to create a USB dongle or something so I can use it on both computers?

Ultimately all I really want is actually HALion Sonic 3 SE but for some reason the current download page is defunct. I was able to download it via the Download Manager but it tells me I don’t have an active license if I try to use it. Cubase seems great but I’m more interested in high quality virtual instruments which I’d like to use on both computers. So if anyone knows how I can get HALion Sonic E SE working that would be sufficient (I’ll just Install Cubase at home since I can use Reaper or something else for MIDI stuff at work).

yes you can transfer the soft eLicense to a USB eLicenser.