Possible to add a laptop as a desktops second hard drive?

Is it possible? I am in the market for a new PC and therefore I’ve been doing tons of research. Now I am finding out that I need a second hard drive - one to plug-ins and one for audio recording. I can’t afford to buy another hard drive. MY budget is so low that I only have $400 to spend on This PC so I cannot afford an external HD.
I run Cubase E8 with a Scarlett 18i8 (plus Novation Circuit via USB).

That’s not possible in the way you describe it (as far as I know anyway).
You do however have some options. If you have a Cubase license for both the laptop and the new computer, you can use VST system link to link the 2 together, allowing you to run your plugins on the laptop.

Alternatively, there may be a way to get the physical harddrive out of your laptop, into your computer. But that’s a bit inconvenient if you still want to be able to use the laptop :wink:

Okay thank you for replying.