Possible to Add (Custom) Lines to Text Frames?

I’ve created a somewhat usual horizontal bracket in my lines library, put into frequent use across a score to indicate performance technique.

I’m hoping to able to insert an example of that line (bracket) into a text frame in a front matter page of performances instructions. I am aware of inserting musical symbols in text frames, but is it possible to do so with lines and other graphic items in libraries?

No, your best bet is to save them as graphic slices and import them as graphics frames.

Thank you for confirming, Dan. I do love the graphics implementation in Dorico, and using it gave me better results than the “in-line line” approach I was envisioning at first. I appreciate the “nudge.”

One interesting little glitch — one not serious enough to hold up a score submission, but curious: exporting the slice as a SVG file substituted a sans-serif font for the (default) academico in the mp sub. and (custom-style) “col… cues” text:

Yes, Dorico’s rendering of SVG does not convert to paths (it’s on my wish list!!).

Beater solution is to export to PDF. If you need SVG, use Cloud Convert online to convert to SVG with paths.

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