Possible to add new entry for Category in Media Bay?

Is it possible to add new entries for Category values in Media Bay? Right now the list shows - Accordion, Bass, Brass… Woodwinds. I’d like to add an item to this list. I don’t think it is possible, but have been surprised before by unexpected ways to get stuff done in Cubase.

Im sure it is… Somehow…
(Do not have a cubase cheatsheet, but I will look through the preferences files while i drink this tea here…)

If you dont hear from me, i couldnt find it or it took too long so i stopped looking…:stuck_out_tongue:

Too hidden…

Defaults.xml blabla … ValueListFilter blabla… Values blabla… ID blabla…

Maybe in the next version…lol

Edit: holy smackaroos! Just noticed that i was looking for over an hour…lol

Don’t do that :exclamation:

Try this…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FDodqZHCjzg

Thanks but that doesn’t really address the issue. You can use the Attribute Inspector to change the Category for items in the Media Bay. However when doing that you have to select from a list of predefined Category entries. I’d like to be able to modify that list. That’s why ggc was looking in the XML files, since there’s a good chance that’s where the list is kept. I was hoping I could do that in Media Bay itself - but I don’t really think it’s possible.