Possible to add specific Instruments with a key command?

I don’t think it’s possible but thought I’d ask to double check…

For example say I want to add a Serum Track or a Nexus track to my project with a single key command…

As it stands I need to add track first [open add instrument menu] and then choose the instrument and quantity to add and confirm.

Can this process be reduced to a single key command with track presets or some other way?


No, you can’t.

What is the closest is to Add Track > Using Track Preset… Then you can type the name of the track preset and Enter to confirm. Some users are making a macros in 3rd part applications as a workaround.

Thanks Martin

Just curious… what 3rd party apps let you do this as I might look into it?


On Mac I’m using Keyboard Maestro. On Windows AutoHotKey is very popular, as far as I know.