Possible to adjust curve of modulation?


New user here, just trying out the demo (Pro 8).

My question: Is it possible to adjust the CURVE of the way a modulator (hardware controller knob)) affects a mod destination?

So just to be clear, here’s an outline of what i’m trying to do (example):

I have two parallel oscillators in a synth, each with a filter.

I want to be able to: hold a chord down for half a minute. After half a minute i start turning a knob on my hardware midi controller, so that as one filter closes (A), the other opens (B).

So far so good, i know how to do that.

Here’s the tricky part: When (B) filter opens, it isn’t quite having the right effect. I want to apply a CURVE to the modulation (filter on B), so that i can exactly tweak how those two filters / oscillators interact over time. Preferably a multi-point, editable curve.

I understand that i could achive this via drawing in modulation automation, but i want to do it on-the-fly, in realtime, like playing a musical instrument.

Any ideas!?

Thanks… Mr D

looks like you want to scale the modulation using a precise formula… i think the only way this would be possible is to find a third-party VSTi that allows that, send the midi data to it, have it modulate it, and then send its MIDI output back to your destination synth / VSTi. i’d look around for free plugins (“MIDI tools” could be a good starting point for a search). natively, cubase is very much behind the times when it comes to any type of realtime modulation.

Ah, ok, i was worried that might be the case. Thanks.