Possible to assign a Mackie Hui twice ?


as The macki Hui in Cubase does not support everey key an the Hui, is it possible to ad it as Hui for al the standard actions and than add the same unit again as generic remote to assign some of the unused keys ?


use mackie control instead (if your hardware supports it)
hui only handles 4 knobs/controls mackie control is greatly expanded for more knobs/sliders/etc

hui/mackie control is a protocol. your hardware may or may not support it without telling us what you have its very difficult to advise you.

And Mackie Control mode uses all the buttons that the Hui has but not the actual Mackie Contrtol ?

Hello, hope it might still be useful.

I am still using an old HUI with Cubase and I did try several configurations inside Cubase (generic remote, MIDI, etc.) in order to use the unmapped buttons on the device, to no avail.

In the end, what I did was install Bome MIDI Translator Pro and translate HUI unmapped SysEx messages to MIDI notes on a virtual MIDI device, then in Cubase add a Generic Device and map these notes to commands.